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Ursulines’ Martyrdom (5)

The Ursulines’ Martyrdom (5)

Terror in Valenciennes ! People were speaking about : arrests ; prison, the guillotine. The Ursulines began to be cautious ; 16 of them went back to their families, but Mother Clotilde stayed in the convent with the others.

On September 1st, 1794, the Ursulines were apprehended and condemned for having taught the Catholic religion, for being fanatic, for having emigrated and worn a prohibited habit. However, they had obtained a pass allowing them to leave for Belgium, but they were accused of having emigrated and returned home.

On October 13, a scaffold from Cambrai was erected on the Place d’Armes, on the spot of a Calvary called « Cross of vines », a traditional place for executions. On October 14, the prisoners (60 from the Récollets, 23 from Saint John, 23 from the Ursuline Convent) were transferred to the Conciergerie, a nearby secure prison. Executions took place on October 14 and 15.

The Ursulines climbed on the scaffold on October 17 (5 Ursulines and 3 priests), and on October 23 (6 Ursulines (one former Poor Clare, and 2 former Brigittines) and 5 priests. A total of 37 priests and Sisters were guillotined. Their bodies were carried to the Saint Roch’s graveyard, in the Pauper’s Grave.

October 17, 1794
Louise Joseph Vanot 12/6/1728 from Valenciennes,
Jeanne Reine Prin 9/7/1747 from Valenciennes,
Hyacinthe Augustin Bourla 6/10/1746 from Condé,
Marie Geneviève Ducrez 27/9/1756 from Condé,
Marie Madeleine Dejardins 11/6/1760 from Cambrai,
Marie Liévine Lacroix 24/3/1753 from Pont on Sambre.

October 23, 1794
Clotilde Joseph Paillot 22/11/1739 from Bavay,
Marie Marguerite Leroux 14/7/1749 from Cambrai,
Anne Joseph Leroux 23/1/1747 from Cambrai,
Marie Augustine Erraux 20/10/1762 frome Pont on Sambre,
Jeanne Louise Barré 23/4/1750 from Sailly in Ostrevent.

Martyrdom of the Ursulines » – Yves Mériaux
The Ursulines’ Martyrdom (5)

31 mars 2019

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