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Saint Angela’s Counsels for the Coronavirus Epidemic


Did Angela experience devastating epidemics during her lifetime? Her mother, her father, and her older sister died in a few months’ time, when she was around 16 or 18 years of age; their death has sometimes been attributed to epidemics similar to ours today. And the city of Brescia lived through disastrous epidemics between 1517 and 1540. We are therefore able to quote several thoughts expressed in her Writings and apply them to our present problems with the development of the Covid 19 today.

Angela mentions the great difficulties of her times… and ours : Here (on earth) we are placed in the midst of snares and perils, so that water, air, and earth, with all of hell will take arms against u. (R Prol 19). Everywhere there are dangers and various diabolical snares and traps (R 2,7) or bitter hardships and every kind of misery and wretchednes (Couns 5,5). We are in the midst of snares and we always have reason to stand in fear (Couns 2,11).

Today, we risk the danger of being contaminated, or seeing members of our families disappear; we live in the midst of sanitary confinement, of fears, of financial disasters. Angela must have experienced similar difficulties.

Angela’s reactions are entirely supernatural : confidence in God, while living in the midst of difficulties Let them hold this as most certain : that they will never be abandoned in their needs. God will provide for them wonderfully (Couns 5, 31). Have hope and firm faith in God, for he will help you in everything (Couns Prol 15). I have this firm and unquestioning faith and hope in infinite divine goodness, that not only shall we easily overcome all dangers and adversities, but also, to our great glory and jubilation, we shall defeat them (R Prol 25). He will never fail to provide for your needs, material as well as spiritual, as long as nothing is lacking on your part (Couns 4,7) ,God, and he alone, knows, can and will provide, He wants nothing for you but only your good and your joy (R 10 17-18). Let them set their hopes on high and not on earth. Let them have Jesus Christ for their only treasure, for there also will be love (Couns 42-43).

Angela thus leads us on a path of confidence and hope, of trust in the Lord’s goodness.

Angela encourages mutual aid and solidarity :

St Angela and the Covid 19

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