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New beginnings (8)

8. The Ursulines always rise up and begin once more

In 1925, the Ursulines were allowed to return to their Institution. It was restored according to official standards and given the name of Notre-Dame de la Garde.

In 1933, a high school was opened. Its educational programs were modernized with physical education, courses in physics and chemistry, a museum of natural history, rooms for painting and music...

In 1937, the Ursulines took back Saint Joseph’s School. Dince 1906, lay people had been directing it.

In 1938, a center for agricultural and household formation was created.

In May 1940, the Ursulines went off to Gravelines. They came back at the end of June.

In 1940, at Saint Roch’s cemetery, the Ursulines had a grave erected for the Martyrs, with 4 bounds connected by chains.

Grave of the Ursuline Martyrs

After the war, the Ursuline School was officially recognized as a private one.
In 1960, the high school became an independent one.

On February 8, 1973, a fire destroyed three/fourths of the Institution of Notre-Dame de la Garde.

After the fire

Saint Joseph’s School was officially recognized as a private one.

In 1960, a new Chapel was built with the Merici home for the aged.

On September 16, 1974, he ancient Institution became the College of Notre Dame.

In 1994, the Ursulines of Saint-Saulve celebrated the 2OOth anniversary of the martyrdom. Mother Clotilde’s silver cross, snatched from her before she was beheaded in 1794 and given to her family, was donated to the community.

The Ursulines of Saint Saulve continued to provide different forms of service: tutoring, a community center, welcoming of families, visits to prisoners, a workshop in theology, presence in the Parish, animation at Merici, the home for the aged.
Every October 23rd, in each Ursuline community and particularly in Saint-Saulve, the martyrdom of the Ursulines of Valenciennes is remembered.

New beginnings (8)

April 2019

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