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Close to Nature

Saint Angela Close to Nature

Born in Desenzano, a little port village, Angela passed the greater part of her life there before going to Brescia. Having lived close to nature, it’s not surprising that Angela mentions it several times in her Writings. Her allusions, similar to those of the Scriptures on which she meditated and commented, remind us that Jesus lived in full harmony with creation, as Pope Francis tells us, and others marveled at it : Who is this that even the sea and winds obey him ? [Mt 8:27] The Lord could invite others to consider the beauty which is in the world, for he himself maintained contact with nature and was attentive to it, full of affection and wonder. As he passed from place to place on earth, he paused to contemplate the beauty sown by the Father, and invited his disciples to recognize a divine message in things : Lift up your eyes and see the fields, white for the harvest. [Jn 4:35]
We recognize two important interventions by God in the life of St Angela : that which followed the death of her older sister, and that which declared her mission as foundress. It is notable that these two messages from God did not take place in a church or chapel, or a room or place of recollection, but in the open field ; thus, Angela paused to pray in her workplace. Antonio Romano, in whose home in Brescia she lodged for almost fourteen years, testified in the Nazari Process to what he had come to know, having heard it from Angela herself :
One day, finding herself in a little field on their property near Desenzano, while praying for her sister as was accustomed to doing, she saw in the sky a procession of angels, among whom was the soul of her beloved sister, joyful and triumphant. And suddenly, with all speed, the army of angels disappeared... [Nazari Process].

Saint Angela Close to Nature

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