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Announcement by the Generalate of the Beatification of the Ursulines
of Valenciennes.

…It is also time to let you know the exact date of the Union’s General Chapter; it will open on August 28, 1920, under the protection of our Father, Saint Augustine.

Finally, I avail myself of this opportunity to speak to you about a great event that we foresee coming soon, the Beatification of the Ursuline Martyrs of Valenciennes.

This ceremony, fixed on Sunday June 13, will unite all our hearts in the remarkable Vatican Basilica, where grouped in spirit around the Vicar of Christ, we shall invoke our Blessed Sisters and give thanks to Heaven for their triumph. The Te Deum, putting an end around noon to the morning liturgy, will surely have an echo at the same time in all the houses of the Order. We could even obtain from our Diocesan authorities the permission to expose the Blessed Sacrament during that whole day. May the day of June 13, 1920, be for us a date we could not forget!

Among the requests we shall present to Blessed Mother Clotilde and her Companions, let us not forget the case of Venerable Marie de l’Incarnation : let us implore them to use their merits to hasten the day we desire so intensely, that of the Beatification of “Teresa of the New France”.

On June 15, 16, 17, a Triduum in honor of the two groups of Martyrs, the Ursulines and the Daughters of Charity, will take place in Rome in Church of Saint Apollinary, served by the Lazarists. However, after this honor given to these Blessed Sisters, united together in the same cause, the Ursulines will celebrate in each of their Houses some time during the whole year (until January 13, 2021) a special Triduum of thanksgiving.

We have asked for the date of October 23, and we hope to obtain it, as the day for the feast of the Martyrs of Valenciennes, the one on which ended their holy sacrifice. The Communities who desire it, will make their Triduum and this solemn feast occur at the same time. In order to do it, they will refer to their own Bishop. There is no hurry for this.

The Divine Office of our new Blessed Sister, will be that of Virgin Martyrs, with special Prayers, and the three Lessons of the Second Nocturne of Matins, will also be particular ones.

In the Review for July, we could complete our information, and give the results of the present steps, in order to obtain special spiritual favors on this occasion.

In order to give a typical decoration to our churches and chapels during the Triduum, we have ordered, from a first class House of Milan, a big oleograph picture (imitation of an oil painting), of our Martyrs (1 m. 70). We need to appeal to our eyes and render very much alive the object of these solemn feasts. Moreover this picture, besides the use we propose, could be placed in our halls and parlors, so as to further devotion to the Blessed Ursulines. Orders can be addressed to us. The price for each picture will be 12 Francs.

It would be desirable that not only our past pupils, but also the pious faithful meet together in the churches and chapels of the Ursulines for the Triduum of Thanksgiving that each House will organize as best it can.

Canon Loridan has informed us that his edition of the Biography of the Eleven Martyrs of Valenciennes will be put on sale towards the end of May at the Librairie Gabalda, rue Bonaparte 90, Paris. This booklet, besides the place it must have in our religious libraries, can be given to our pupils as rewards at the end of the school year. How much we wish that it be requested abundantly! The price in the Library will be 3 Francs (Collection of Saints). This price will be diminished by a third for the first orders sent to Sirault.

In the name of this community, and in my name, we thank all the House who have sent us their offerings for the expenses of the Beatification, and we repeat our thanks for the great family of our Union.

In a motherly spirit and in devotion to Jesus and Mary.

Mother Angèle de Notre-Dame,
Prioress General
Rome, Generalate
April 24, 1920

This painting represents Sister Augustine Desjardins coming down from the scaffold, after having climbed up on it before her turn.



Août 2019

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